RRC remote control with Kenwood TS-480SAT
The years do not allow climbing on the roof and installing antennas. The final decision is to purchase RRC control. After the purchase, everything got complicated at first, but due to not reading the instructions for use. With the patience of Mr. Mike from the RRC, everything worked. Tested at the locations near of Zagreb: 9A5N, 9A6D, Požega 9A9CW, island of Vir 9A9CW & 9A5N. Easily manage all Kenwood TS-480SAT operations with programs like UCX, MixWin, etc. All is tested with diferent WiFi - A1, Telemach, Iskon, T-com all worked without any problems in Zagreb, and on the island of Vir the only Telemach worked without hiccups.

The template was remodeled in 2019   -  9A9CW