Devices YU4CW until 9A9CW

Since the year 1968 and in my birthplace, as a boy at the age of 15 in the YU4EBP Radio club until 1972 i worked only at lower bands 80 and 40 m on the BC-312 receiver and the SN-60 hand transmitter (handwork YU4SN). After finishing exam 2nd Class HAM, I bought the a Kenwood TS510 and worked only on 40m with a dipol antenna. But since 1974,after finishing exam 1nd class with the YU4CW callsign I worked on all amateur bands and participated in many contest. From 1982 to 1990 I used the complete a Kenwood line, and after that I left stoped the HAM movement from 1990 to 2017. Now after 27 years I have again a Kenwood line with TS850S, TS590SG and I'm working again with complete a Kenwood line. I work with two locations, Zagreb is stationary, but the summer vacation time a HAM on Vir Island - EU-170 / CI-141 .. .