Devices YU4CW (and YU4EBP) until 9A9CW
From 1968 in my hometown, as a boy aged 15 in the YU4EBP radio club until 1972.(pic.1,2,3 YU4EBP). I worked only in the lower 80 and 40 m bands on the BC-312 receiver and the SN-60 transmitter (OM YU4SN manual work), Geloso line and Atlas-210X.
After passing the second class HAM exam, I bought a TRIO TS-510 and only worked 40 m with a dipole antenna. But since 1974, after passing the Class 1 exam with the call sign YU4CW, I have worked in all amateur bands and participated in many competitions. From 1982 to 1990, I used the a complete Kenwood line, and then paused my HAM work from 1990 to 2017. and now, after a 27 year break, I have the a Kenwood line again.

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