About me


In 1968, I joined the Hamradio population. My first former personal call sign was YU4VCW and after this YU4CW. YU4CW I used it until 1990 when I stopped working due to a very complex situation in ex YU.

Now I live with my family in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia. After a 27 year hiatus, I renewed my license and got a new and current personal call sign in 2017 - 9A9CW and am active again on the 160-6m bands.

After 5 years with the Kenwood line, I switched to Yaesu FTDX-101d, and now use 1.8-10MHz LW-antenna via a modified MFJ differential T tuner on the roof under the LW antenna (see pictures), W3DZZ for 3.5 and 7MHz, Hex beam for 14-50MHz + WARC, and EA antenna 5 el. for 70MHz (in construction), and I feed all antennas with 1 coaxial cable with GB-SW5 Antenna Switch Controller (HA7RY),of course this is now an automatic antenna switch, because my friend Neno 9A5N installed an interface that controls antenna selection via range data with the Yaesu-FTDX101D, as well as the new G-450c rotator remote control interface.

2023 2023 I replace my old Kenwood TL922 with SPE Expert 1.3K-FA and enjoy the new Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) software along with the new solid state technology.

As another hobby we like to travel. I like to visit foreign countries, get to know cultural and historical sights and, of course, take photos. You can see some of them in our small photo album about the cities we traveled through and enjoyed our travels.



In 1968, I started a radio amateur course as a member of the Radivoj Rodić Radio Club YU4EBP in my hometown of Bosanski Petrovac.



1971 is my first call sign YU4VCW and 1974 when I got my second licence "A" category and started to use my new call sign YU4CW to end 1990.



After 27-years break I reactivated svoj hobi and renew my licence, and got new personal callsign for work 9A9CW

My HAM old old friends and new club friends 9A1AYZ
and also other friends from radio clubs in 9A.

Radio amateurs are the people I relied with before and after the break from my amateur radio sport. After 27 years, the my continuation of amateur sports is with old and ofcourse new friends in my new Radio Club 9A1AYZ. Unfortunately some old friwends are not with us - rest in peace old friends..

9A2WJ Milan Drlić - DAKI

Zlatko Matičić

Mato Samardžić

Branko Plazanić

Nenad Rotter

Tom Dugeč

Darko Ercegović

Ivica Vrbanović

9A2HF - Franjo Horvat


Vladimir Plečko

Stjepan Tkalec

Edib Zildžo

Damir Puljko

Vitomir Sušić

Zdeslav "DEZ" Cerina