Thank you for visiting 9A9CW page.
I'm glad you stopped by to get to know me better! My former call sign is YU4CW and has existed since 1974, and my first amateur license (III amateur class) has been since 1968 at the YU4EBP radio club in the former YU4 - Bosnia and Herzegovina, ex Yugoslavia. After a 27-year break (1990-2017) I am active again. Only I now have the call sign 9A9CW in Republic of Croatia, and my main focus is on further use and learning and on improving the CW at higher speeds, for now I am satisfied. I am a member of several CW clubs as HSC, R-CW-C ,CWJF, AGCW, CWOPS, CQCW, A1, ESEX CW and other as DIG, FT8DMC. I very like to communicate with CW, with a handicap or poor knowledge of foreign languages, but somehow I manage while working normally HAM QSO-s or briefly DX QSO and HAM contest. I am in the air with CW almost every day, except July or August when it is holiday time and then I work from the island of Vir (QSO is valid for IOTA EU170 and IOCA CI141) also with the call sign 9A9CW. After 27 years, I again have the Kenwoods line as device TS-850S, TS-590SG, TS-480 and one ICOM IC-706MK2 for 144MHz, and well as other equipment with TL-922 amplifier, MFJ-T 986 differential tuner and Kenwood automatic tuner AT-250. Of the antennas, I use a reverse V wind antenna from Zagreb for the lower bands 160-30m and a Hex beam 20-6m, on building of the 9 floors, Up about 35m, and from the island of Vir I work with the CP-6AR and now I think is time for change with new antenna for Vir. In addition to our HAM sport, I love to travel, tour countries, historical sites, learn about new cultures, their traditions (maybe I’ll finally learn the language), and some travel pictures can be found here (a few pictures). I hope you like some picture or maybe your city.

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